Jewelry Biqing Efficient Cleaning Agent

Jewelry Biqing Efficient Cleaning Agent

Product Description

Jewelry Biqing efficient cleaning agent
Product use:
The products are used in jewelry, jewelry is usually difficult to remove the oil dirt, cosmetic stains, all kinds of color mark.
Chinese name: Jewelry cleaning agent (Crystal)
English name: Jewelry cleaner (Crystal)
Components of the Chinese name of 2: 2 - hydroxy-propane 1, 2, 3 - tricarboxylic acid
English name of component 2: 2-hydroxy-1, 2, 3-propanetricarboxylic acid
Appearance and Properties: White crystal powder, odorless.
Melting Point: 153
Boiling Point: (decomposition)
Relative density (water = 1): 1.6650
Melting Point: 100
Ignition temperature: 1010 (powder)
Explosive limit% (V / V): 8.0 (65 )
Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether, insoluble in benzene, slightly soluble in chloroform. Significant acidic aqueous solution.
Physical Properties: Colorless translucent crystals or white granules or white crystalline powder, odorless, moist air in a slight deliquescence

A. This product is a concentrated, powerful and efficient cleaning agent diluted to use;
B. To be very effective in removing difficult to remove the stains, but also increase the brightness;
C. This product is applicable to all jewelry materials.
Depending on the degree of surface dirt, dirt on the mild, can be based on the goods and water (1: 10) diluted; Will be immersed in cleaning jewelry box, two minutes later with a clean towel to wipe clean of heavy dirt, can be directly applied to its surface can be wiped clean with a towel.
Price 25KG RMB1750 yuan 500G RMB35 million
[Storage] shading, sealing, and placing the shade.
[Packaging] plastic bottles.
[Valid] five
[Authorizing] QB/ZQR001-2006
[Production] company Beijing Zhengqing Ran

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